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Dear readers,

We are happy that you want to get to know more about us. What makes us laugh, cry, smile, you will discover it though our articles but, why not getting a glimpse of it already? ūüôā


I come from Montreal (Canada) and I live in Munich since February 2013. I started blogging when I moved to Munich to share my¬†German stories with my friends and family.¬†Four¬†years later,¬†I continue blogging because I love writing. My favorite topics? Those pieces of history which influence¬†societies and contribute to build cultural stereotypes and, of course, the stories travelling books do not write about. What I write is always true however, I like to twist reality sometimes to make it funnier or more poetic.¬†Because deep inside,¬†I am a little clown which likes beautiful things and believes¬†in¬†humanity.¬†More concretely, I am way¬†more of a¬†fish than a mountain goat.¬†I have been¬†raised¬†at sea level therefore,¬†high altitude represents a challenge for me. Water is totally my element. Now, let’s¬†try to match this with what the¬†Munich guy says below… ūüėČ

If you are interested to know more about me, do not hesitate to visit my Munich blog (in French) : Les chroniques munichoises


My parents named me Georg, like my granddad. In Bavaria, where I was born and raised, people call me Schorschi. My friends describe me as positive, open minded, extroverted and travel addict! Travelling is the best way for me to exit my comfort zone and get to ‚Äúwhere the magic happens‚ÄĚ zone, to grow as a person. Therefore, I love to investigate the world with my backpack on. Thereby, I prefer vast (rain-) forests or far off mountains to busy cities. In my pocket, there¬†is always my MP3 player with loads of power metal (for hiking) and fantasy audiobooks (for chillin’ during long bus rides). Sport is also a major part of my life, no matter what: hiking, biking or jogging, name it! After a busy day, I enjoy reading to relax.

More¬†information about me can be found on my previous travelling blog (in German) : Ein M√ľnchner auf Tour

We hope you get a better feeling of whom you go exploring with now. Looking forward to interacting with you!