Not ours to take

While riding the waves between 2 Galapagos Islands my thoughts got carried away another time. Charging the wild ocean with a small, but never the less powerful vessel, which cuts through the waves like a hot knife through butter, triggered that thought in me. The thought that us humans taking a lot which was never ours to take!

We haven’t developed fins, but still we occupy the oceans of the world. We crowd them with tons of metal in form of ships and leave back the rubbish of our well praised society. We haven’t developed wings, but still we fly high. We conquer the skies for the sake of reaching other places faster than by foot. We have a huge impact on our planet by taking what was never our natural space! As the Galapagos islands prove, among others, intruders to natural habitat, are an enormous threat to the “owners” of this habitat. Here for example the introduction of dogs and cats to the islands are a huge problem for the sea & land turtle populations as the intruders scavenge their nests, which might lead to extinction. This doesn’t mean 2-3 sea turtles less, it means to erase a whole species!

Through my work as a project manager I learned to ask “Why are we doing it?” or “Who is benefiting from it?” For the “why” my opinion is that some of us humans just have the need to do things if they can – proving that you can do something is very rewarding. Still the question of the price to do it remains. Which leads to the benefiting point. Humanity benefits from having ships and planes I suppose, as it gets the world closer together with manageable travelling times and shipping goods from other continents. I love travelling myself a lot – it is my passion! For intercultural exchange, respect and more freedom in the world there is nothing better I think. So from a humanistic viewpoint, using all praises of air-, land- and sea-transportation are very welcomed and the purpose satisfies the actions – or doesn’t it? When is the time that we got presented the bill for all our occupations?

As you can read my thoughts are ambivalent about this topic… can you help me out and share your opinion on this?


3 thoughts on “Not ours to take

  1. Contrasting thoughts Gerogy! While we cant pretend to not seeing what humans to do the nature, we cant live without them as well. We are so lazy to take care of the mess we have created. 🙂


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