Thank you 2017! (You were amazing)

Dear friends,

Today is the last day of the year – for me a very exciting, fascinating and salutary year comes to an end. We are on the road now for more than 7 months. This is the longest time I have been away from home. On this trip we meet cool, funny, inspiring people, made new friends and tried, as best as possible, to maintain old companions. I learned more about myself, what I really want, what I enjoy, how I react in certain circumstances and where I have to get better. To make it more tangible for you it became clear that I need to be in nature, conquer mountains and get away from people sometimes. All this helps me to slow down, calm myself and with that being able to listen to my inner voice. It is clearer and louder when everything around is more quiet. That is what I enjoy and what I will enforce!

I also want to share one of my personal trip highlights. It happened during the “ciudad perdida” hike in Colombia. One evening a “mamo”, a tribe leader visited us to share his view of the world. He told us, without anger, without tutoring us, that he thinks that the western world is living not in accordance with “pacha mama” / mother earth. That we abuse her for our own good – to get richer. But that richer is only in a monetary sense! He pointed out that in his community there are people who never encountered westerners. They don’t know, mobile phones, trains, cars, hot showers, asphalt, … there life is very simple. The live in faraway communities with strong family/tribe connections, easy rules, hunt or grow what they need and respect the pacha mama around them. Are they poor? That answer is for each own to give. I made mine …

Have a safe, healthy 2018 my friends!


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