Sucre by bus – doing it like a traveller

Maybe you have been asking yourself already: Am I a tourist or traveller? The ways of travelling are entirely different and even contradictory. For a quick and dirty comparison see this picture:

Considering myself as a traveller I still don’t judge tourists. It is just a different way they do things, but IF you want to get into culture, people, food, life style, habits and beauty of your country of choice here are some handy advice for going around Sucre as a local – by bus! Even if others tell you different – NO it is NOT dangerous and people are not robbing you as soon as you enter the bus. Try it! It is a nice experience to go with the locals and share some moments with them. Still some “street cleverness” might help you to improve your experience – Don’t wear valuables (iPhone, camera, money, watch) visible.

So what can you do around Sucre with the buses 😊

7 cascadas
This is a nice location at the outskirts of Sucre. Before you go, check the water level of the river, likely in the end of dry season (August / September) there is not much water and so the cascadas are not visible really. Still it is worth going, because first it is a nice opportunity for a hike and second it is worth seeing the poorer quarters of Sucre and get a feeling how people have to life there.

So to get this experience is very simple: Go to Junin street next to the Mercado central. The lines are indicated with signs in the front shield of the bus. Watch out for pink(!) 12 or Q and exit at the last stop. From there you walk past some houses down towards the river. The river forms a Y there and you go up left the second arm of the Y – Easy isn’t it?

Castillo de La Glorieta / Cementario
The Castillo is a surprising building which is very nice, but not fitting in the area somehow. That fact is making it even more special. It was the family manor of a rich bolivian family with stables. The park at the manor invites for a relaxing stay. Old rooms and a castle like look let you travel in time and explore ancient history by yourself. To time travel catch the 4, “castillo de glorieta” is the last stop and it is very close to a military base so you can’t miss it. On the way you pass the cemetario / graveyard which is also worth seeing. Huge tombs tell stories of powerful families and a prosperous time of Bolivia.

Dinosaur footprints
Definitely THE highlight of the three and maybe even the highlight of your Bolivia trip: the dinosaur footprints! I am not talking 3 – 4 prints – It is a whole wall of few hundred meters covered in prints of different dinosaur species. It is absolutely worth seeing! As an extra they have replicas of dinosaurs in their supposed size. 😊 For a more detailed report see Petit pieds

To get thrown back in time at least 65 Mio years take the 4 or A with direction to “dinosaur park” or “Parque Cretácico” starting at corner Junin and Arenales.


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