The beauty of wildlife

Today I visited the Zoo in Sao Paulo. I like to visit Zoos 😊 Literally I can hear some of you thinking “animal torture”, “animals In Prison”, “Animals in to small cages” and “How can he possibly support that”. Don’t get me wrong my friends! I prefer by far to see animals in their natural habitat where they are wild and free. Still I think that zoos have a high purpose for animals and humans alike.

These are my thoughts:
It is my belief, that people who go to zoos, apart from having a good time, also get educated about the animals, their behaviour and their natural habitat. In Zoos around the world I realised that trend of educational talks on top of the information on the explanatory boards. Often in the form of a feeding, which makes it even more interesting. So even lazy readers get some information, take it home, share it with friends and start thinking about it. When you experience how impressive the eyes of a tiger, looking at you, are, staring in awe seeing a sea turtle eating, realising the pure power of a running Jaguar you get impressed by wildlife. You have experienced it`s beauty! Visiting a zoo might establish a deeper relationship with those animals by “getting to know them”. It is more likely you are willing to protect something you know, then an abstract phrase like “Snow Leopard”. The sensitivity of people for animal protection is raised with the help of zoos.

Many Zoos are doing a great job to take in lost or wounded animals and take care of them after. They offer a secure environment for highly endangered species, so they are not hunted or killed by destroying their habitat. Some zoos even go the way of releasing animals into the wild after the are healed. Behind the scenes zoos are also working together to learn more about different species behaviour. This knowledge helps them to treat animals better and make them feel more comfortable. For example the Zoo in Basel is famous for its breeding programs, which successfully helped to save snow leopards from extinction! In fact zoos are protecting, saving, breeding and studying animals they show to the public!

All this is of course financed by entrance fees. I am very willing to pay these to also do my share of saving some rare, fascinating species and being able to show them to my kids!

If you have a job offer/idea now, who I can do more with my beloved animals, please drop me a line! It would be highly appreciated 😊


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