Cost of complaining

Right now my life is very pleasant! Traveling and entrepreneuring in South America with my amazing girl – nothing to complain about for me, right? 😊

During the long, meditative bus ride from Sucre (Bolivia) to Salta (Argentina), while watching the beautiful landscape passing by, my mind was wandering about some things I observed. It seems to me that, the poorer people are, the less they complain!

Let`s have a closer look:
What does it mean to complain? For me it is the circumstance that something we experience or we expect doesn’t feel right for us, which annoys us, though we start complaining about it. Let`s be honest, we all do that in the western world! “Damn the bus late, they never get it done.” “Screw the Banks for introducing fees again.” “Stupid politicians don’t comply to their promises.” “The summer in Germany sucks, always rain”… You get the idea.

So how about a change of perspective – want to join me?
In Bolivia it sounds like this: “Gosh, I am happy that the bus finally came, so I don’t have to walk 15 km to School!”
In Peru the shop owner might think: “Damn, I am so blessed to have gathered so money I can put into a bank account!”
In Africa the shaman prays for the liberating rain so the crops can grow and the cattle survive.

These are dramatic examples, but those illustrate my point! In a wealthy, well working, organised, safe western world we have actually no good reason to complain. Even worst: It comes with a cost!

Think back when you last complained about a banality. Pretty certain it left you with very bad feeling and a malicious energy. It drained your positivity and dragged you down for some time. Maybe you even radiated this bad energy to your partner, your kids, your parents, co-workers, foreigners, so it multiplied. Are you willing to pay this cost? Stay with me and think further … what you can achieve next time when you don’t go into the complaining spiral? No bad energy, no waste of valueable time, no radiation of negativity – sounds good?

So how about next time the complaint is on the tip of our tongue – smile and be happy with what you have! Who is in? 😉


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