Value of lifetime?

While waiting for our delayed plane some thoughts crossed my mind.
– How much is my time, in fact lifetime, worth?
– What is worth spending time?

Reflecting about these two questions made me realise that personally I don’t think about this often. In a day-to-day live I just spending my time. Maybe you might say: “He is right, BUT still I do stuff I like” – Really? Are we spending our time, which is indeed valuable, only with stuff we like?

For me the interesting trigger is: Am I consciously deciding what I do (Self-managed) or am I doing things because they are forced on me (external managed). The delayed flight was definitely external managed – I didn’t have any influence on it and I felt losing my time. Of course I can still fill up that time with things I like as reading. In that moment it still felt wrong, that my lifetime was spent for me somehow. How could I ever get reimbursed for that? The other case (self-managed) for me is, when we decide to do something willingly. Then we give our explicit OK that we want to spend our lifetime like that. Think about it for a moment – to which different actions does this apply for you? Meeting friends, jogging, cycling, reading, watching tele, cooking, doing the dishes, get the car into the garage to fix it, yes also going to work. How does it feel to know that you “pay” for all of these activities with your lifetime? In this monetary view we can do a calculation easily how much a lifetime minute is worth.
Do you think there are other currencies for lifetime than money to weight it? I believe so! How about gratitude, happiness, a smile, knowledge to do the right thing, own health, …

What are your currencies and do you feel “well paid”?


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