Captivation for Travelling – Being far away or closer to your inner self?

Who of you has travelled and really enjoyed it? Felt the wind in your hair, listened to exotic voices and languages, saw new buildings and old monuments, discovered foreign cultures, tasted unknown, delicious fruits?

Then my friends we have something in common – captivation for travelling

Who hasn’t watched a departing airplane or train longingly, liked pictures of foreign places or did a dream travel?
However travelling can do more for you, than taking back a good feeling with you! Travelling is the key to your inner self. How you get this key? Keep on reading 🙂

Daily grind vs freedom while travelling
By tying your boots and start travelling you leave back a lot of familiar things … your flat, your friends, your families, your known environment, however you also escape your old habits, your stress in day-to-day life, all those deadlines, closing dates, tax declarations, carping bosses, bad weather, leisure time events, sport obligations, fitness-movements, all these things which make our lives hard sometimes, which dictate very tight boundaries!

Different countries have different habits! Who hasn’t thought or said that? Most of the time this is an expression that life is slower, less organised than back home. People in other cultures take time to wait, take time for an interesting talk at the bus stop, take time to play with kids. Time is the essential good in our hectic world, especially if it is used to do things which make us happy! Planning a journey is the first and most important concession to ourselves: “I value myself enough to have time with, and for, myself!”

As soon as we did the first real step of our trip, we realise this concession and strengthen it. We have time for ourselves now, time to relax, time to treat your soul right, time without external obligations … we feel the slowly growing freedom. Freedom to use our time as we want and not how our calendars dictates it, freedom to stay awake, freedom to sleep a lot, freedom not to be pushed, but be the captain ourselves – being the CEO of our life!

Open your view and enlarge your repertoire
If, and this is an important point, if we really sink into this different approach to live, leaving our concessions behind, take of the corset of obligations and tasks and dive into the serenity of a foreign culture, then we get closer to ourselves. As now all diversions of our nice digital world are absent, our body also adapts to these circumstances. Our senses get sharper, become more and more responsive each day, collect more stimuli and bring all that to our conscious with excitement. We smell new scents, see different details and hear e.g. distinct words in a flow of foreign language. Our senses liberalise from their used filters and experience the world different now. This opens our vision, intuition, sense of touch, hearing and also our self for further, new, unknown influences. We live and experience the world completely new, because we imply recognise/realise more of it. We get back our ability to be sensitive with our environment. Thereby we enlarge our repertoire of options, which then gives us a broader toolset for future actions. We left our comfort zone, the known day-to-day life, behind and live “where the magic happens” now … this is where we develop as humans and individuals.

Another important and relevant factor in this is the self-reflexion.
In our daily grind “we have so much on our plates”, that we cannot realise our quiet inner voices. The world around us is too loud to really listen to ourselves. More often than not we ignore our intuition – this wise gut-feeling, which would steer us in right direction, the direction which would do us good, because it’s the one fitting our values. We ignore our gut-feeling because of conscientiousness to others – teachers, friends, bosses, companies or even partners. We engage ourselves with tasks which are incongruent to who we want to be as individuals – extra hours instead of recreation at the lake. But the bright side to this is, while travelling we are our own CEO! We choose willingly what we want to do and what we need.
Who hasn’t enjoyed this peace? This composure and recreation at one of those wonderful places? When all tension evaporates and the quiet inner voice finally hums a complaisant “Ahhhh”.

That the exact moment when we should listen very careful, this is the moment of reflection. Go and search for this moment! At first it might seem even a bit unpleasant, oppressive – what should I do with myself now exactly that I hear my inner voices? Should I really let these thoughts allow to come and go as they please? Yes … DAMN YES! You should and you are allowed to. That’s the only way to find back to ourselves, find out what is good for us, what we want and what our body and soul needs most!

Homo socialis
A very common and favoured method to enlarge your view on the world is to get in contact with interesting people. If we put aside our goal oriented thinking and make space for an open conversation with open ending we will learn things we would never have thought of. A respectful approach towards foreigners with the clear intention of open-minded learning does not only tell us about this other human being, their history, their stories, their traditions, their customs, but you also present yourself. You present yourself in the way you want to be seen (you think you are). More than once I realised that some characteristics, which should describe me, where not coming easily over my lips – in fact those were not fitting me at all! They start a new process of thinking than. Do you know this feeling? Even if it never happened to you so far, just the fact that you learn about other ways of life, other circumstances, other cultures is really fulfilling and again fills your own toolset of behaviours and habits. Try it and you will be surprised how interesting it is to discuss topics from completely unknown perspectives, listen to stories of other cultures and exchange memories and experiences.

Let me share one of my stories with you here:
In a small giftshop in Bangkok it was my time to be really surprised! Surprised by the goodness of heart, the warmth of humanity and the empathy of a shop owner in Thailand. My holidays were coming to an end and I wanted to by a small present for my mom and therefore entered the shop. The owner saw me looking around and offered his help. I accepted gratefully and showed him the scarf I had selected. His look told me that something was not quite all right, but never the less he explained the good quality, intense production process and price of the scarf. Bugged by his look I asked him what’s wrong with this scarf. He looked very surprised and caught, still he told me his concern: This scarf was not made in Thailand, but imported from India. With a mix of regret and frustration he told me that he rarely sells thai-produced scarf which are a more expensive because all of the effort for an all hand-made product. Thereupon I asked him to show me the thai versions for “my scarf” which he did with pleasure and a smile. Finally I decided to buy one of those! „For whom do you buy this scarf?“ “For my mom in Germany as a present”. The little man listened carefully and instantaneously called for his own son, whom he introduced proudly. Family is of utter importance he added. While I was almost out of the door the owner called “Please one moment sir!”, then taking a small buddha figure from the sideboard, blessing it in his tiny house altar and handing it over to me – it is, he said, to guarantee my save return to my mom from all travels. I was so touched and so grateful that I am lacking the words to describe it – only thing left to say: The little buddha did a damn good job so far! 😉

Some of you might have seen a glimpse of their key during this entry, others might need some more time getting familiar with the examples here.

What did we learn today?

  • How travelling helps us to escape daily grind and become the captain of our own life with the wind of freedom around our nose
  • What might happen to you while travelling – sharper senses, more experiences and a broader repertoire
  • How we start to pay more attention to our intuition again and how this will lead to our inner self
  • Who might cross your way – interesting people, but moreover you self!

How is your experience with travelling regarding the touched topics?


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